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More Pupils to Learn a Musical Instrument

Very shocked to find the Coalition saying something with which I agree. See Telegraph article However, the caveat here is that we are only actually promised a review that ‘will attempt to “broaden access” to instruments and allow more children to learn how to read music’ by the end of the year’, in an environment where many so-called non essential services are being cut. Music lessons are a huge benefit to all sorts of children in so many ways. I note that there are only 3 comments on this article, which is a great pity. I wish more people prioritised a broad musical education highly, it helps with speaking/listening, visual and auditory memory, social skills, maths, benefits children both with and without SEN, brings communities together and it is just plain old good old fashioned fun. It really has very little to do with expectations of being on the x-factor! I have in my time seen a number of instrument lesson access policies come and go in our children’s schools, which have always in the end resulted in money being asked for from parents who want their children to learn an instrument. I will be watching with interest to see how these plans pan out, or to find out if it is just so much ‘window dressing’ or being offered as a sweetener after all the other things that are going on in Education at the moment. Even if they do get this right it is the tip of the iceberg.