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I agree with Ed!

I had to comment on this article, ‘The Conservative conference: 10 things we learned about Michael Gove today –
I think it is time to ask the question: ‘what qualifications does Mr Gove bring to the role of Education Minister?’ Wasn’t he a journalist for a Murdoch paper? He talks a lot about his actions being evidence based, but frankly I don’t see it. He avoids giving answers to key questions, for example the issue of whether businesses will be permitted to make a profit from their involvement in Education. Any minister that truly wished to improve Education would not begin by spending more money on children in already successful schools and taking money away from those children in the least successful schools.

Ed Balls said in a recent speech that he doesn’t think that Michael Gove has a clue about Education, and the more I see and hear from the Education Minister the more I have to concede, ‘I agree with Ed!’