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GCSE Results
August 24, 2012, 8:04 pm
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It seems right that I should post about Peter’s GCSE results, having made such a tremendous fuss for so many years about his and William’s schooling.  Was it worth it? DiD it work?  The answer has to be a resounding ‘Yes’.  All summer I felt reasonably secure that it would be OK.  Peter had moved on and was hugely enjoying being on holiday, not the least bit worried until the day before results day.  None of us were prepared for what he got – his results included a few As, some Bs and a couple of Cs, including English and Maths.  to say we are hugely proud is an understatement, I still feel dazed.  

Peter now has his sixth form place secure.  he easily achieved the required grades and knows he is just as good as anyone else in his intake. 

I probably won’t post much from now on.  I have made my point.  Somehow you just have to get the help for your special needs child to help them achieve their educational goals – in Peter’s case GCSEs and a place at sixth form college.  We continue to fight the good fight for William as he begins his GCSE courses and I know he has the specific help in place to achieve his goals.  

We can’t know the future but we know we have done our best for our boys.  Peter was predicted D’s at GCSE when the administered the ‘baseline assessment’ in reception class.  It was barbaric to be told that about our four year old, thank god we refused to believe it.  

If you have a child with SEN and you don’t think their needs are being met, You know what to do.  The Guerrilla Mum method has worked for us.



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It worked for us too. My son spent the first few weeks of reception laying by the classroom door waiting to go home. He had limited language and by the time he was 7 I was told he was low IQ and needed to be in a school for moderate learning difficulties. He has just gained 1A*, 2A, 2B, 1C and 3 Ds at GCSE. He is preparing to go to 6th form for A levels and has ambitions to go on to University. He still has difficulties associated with his language disorder but his creative talents and technical expertese more than compensate. No time to relax though, now fighting for his brother!

Comment by Catherine

Same here, Catherine, little brother is about to begin his GCSEs as Peter begins sixth form. Bottom line is, I am so glad we didnt’ ‘stop making a fuss’, I am glad we didn’t ‘wait and see’, and I am overjoyed that we didn’t ‘stop pestering the authorities because there are plenty of other children worse off than mine’ – yes, all of these things were said to me by teachers and doctors. Once more into the breach…

Comment by guerrillamum

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