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It has been a good few weeks since my last blog. I must confess to feeling somewhat battle fatigued due to the escapades of the new government and their effects on my children’s schooling and haven’t wanted to write as much as before. I have found it very stressful, watching the effects of the cuts and the changes to our education legislation take shape. My own children’s school recently became an academy, with only the sketchiest of consultation processes. The school’s defence to this when questioned was that they never arranged any meetings because they thought a consultation event would be poorly attended… we never stood a chance. The Local Authority has been trying to save money by messing with transport arrangements for statemented children, and have sent out some confusing letters for parents to worry about. Cuts to therapy services and educational psychology services are starting to have a bigger effect. SENCOs are walking around school looking increasingly stressed, and William is now finding himself ‘buddied’ up with other children to share teaching assistant support. We are watching this carefully but it is hard to object to this knowing that in doing so, another child may simply not get help at all. It is fair to say that some of the services our children rely on are simply not what they were.

In response to this I have found myself taking refuge in my garden more and more. My potatoes and raspberries have been very demanding as have my hens who still have not recovered from the effects the issuing of the Green Paper had on them. See here:

; (wink)

I have not been entirely idle however. The people at the BBC Learning Parents blog have asked me to write a piece for them which can be seen here: You can also see posts from other writers/bloggers/parents with similar interests in special educational needs and parenting.

I’m hoping that I can shake off this coalition inspired malaise and get back to blogging soon. Normal service will I trust, be resumed shortly

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Just wondering what country you are from . We are in Australia and wonder if the information would be valid here

Comment by allison

Hello there

We are from the UK, so all points regarding the law and code of practices etc would not be relevant to Australia, but I hope everyone can get something from these pages! All the best, Ellen

Comment by guerrillamum

Hey Ellen
You left a response to my post on the Guardian page about Gove (Democracy81) I have bookmarked your blog and shall read with interest. I work in education (university) and my wife home schooled both our children up to GCSE so I’m very interested.
Best wishes

Comment by Roger Saunders

Hi Roger

Nice to get a nice comment. Haven’t blogged for a bit, as one of my boys is doing GCSEs and the other is choosing options – and frankly blogging can be a bit like shouting into the void. We work so hard to make sure our boys get a good education and it angers me to see these deconstructionists in the coalition wade in and wreak havoc. Thank you Ellen

Comment by guerrillamum

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