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A big thank you to…
October 28, 2010, 2:24 pm
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‘Velma’ for her review of Guerrilla Mum. It can be seen on the Amazon website here:

I really appreciate the reviews I have had, and so far they show that the book promises to help other parents.


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Will be ordering a copy myself:) This Is the reason I’m training to be a tribunal support adviser. We are currently going through the statutory assessment process and we have a unconnected case up at tribunal in Jan. It’s so hard to get what our children need and also the respect they deserve. Then we are faced with the problem of the threat of losing support services due to government cuts. I only yesterday received a letter from NAS informing me that our local autism support group is under threat! Every voice matters, and althrough I’m at a training programme tomorrow that starts at ten, meaning I won’t be able to listen to radio BBC 4 womens hour! I will be thinking of you.

Comment by clairelouise82

Dear Claire
Thank you for your message. I do agree that every voice counts, and that we must do all we can to get across how terribly important it is to our children’s futures that they have the right help and support that they need for their SEN. I have every admiration for you in training to be a tribunal advisor. Ellen P

Comment by guerrillamum

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